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Candidate for Mayor of Manila


Born Joseph Ejercito on April 19, 1937, in Manila, Joseph Estrada is a Filipino actor and politician who served as mayor of San Juan (1968-1986), as a senator (1989-1992), vice president (1992-1998), president (1998-2001), and mayor of Manila (2013-2019). He is the incumbent mayor of Manila.

Estrada was an engineering student at the Mapua Institute of Technology until he dropped out to become an actor. Barred by his family from using the family name of Ejercito, the then young Joseph adopted the screen name Erap Estrada and went on to play the lead in more than 100 films and produce about 75 movies.

In 1968, Estrada tried his hand in politics by running for and winning the mayorship of San Juan. He was mayor of San Juan until 1986. Three years later, he was elected senator but only served half of his six-year term to run for vice president.

After six years as vice president in the administration of President Fidel Ramos, Estrada ran for president in 1998 with a populist and pro-poor platform. Despite strong opposition from many powerful businessmen and the influential Catholic church, Estrada won by a huge margin over his nearest rival.

His tenure, however, was cut short due to allegations of corruption. In November 2000, the Senate began his impeachment trial but later abandoned it when a few senators blocked the admission of evidence. As a result of this, in January the following year, Estrada was ousted amid mass protests.

In September 2007, Estrada was convicted of plunder and sentenced to at least 40 years in prison. A month later, however, he was pardoned by then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In 2010, he tried running for president again but lost to Benigno Aquino III.

In 2013, Estrada ran for mayor of Manila and defeated the incumbent, Alfredo Lim. Estrada is now nearing the end of his second term as mayor of Manila and running for his third and final term.