The Commission on Elections on Monday reported that the first three days of overseas voting for the 2019 midterm elections had been smooth sailing, with only minimal problems encountered.

“The first few days have been relatively smooth. No major problems encountered where the voting proceeded,” Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said.

“Where there have been problems, these have been addressed and dealt with rather speedily in most cases. We have also had a problem in the Middle East, specifically where there has been a problem with voter verification,” he said.

Jimenez explained that the hard copy of voters list to be used in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, were delayed in Customs, so the Comelec sent downloadable files to the post to ensure the availability of the list for voting purposes.

He said post personnel were in constant and direct communication with the Office for Overseas Voting, which was facilitating identification of voters.

Jimenez noted that they would submit a report on the issues encountered and how they resolved them.

“We will submit a full report on that later in the day and hopefully in the remaining 28 days or 27 days of the election, we won’t experience that anymore,” he said. “Just remember, it’s been just three days. So this is exactly the time when we expect these issues to show up.”

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